Monday, November 06, 2006

Tomorrow in Cincinnati - OH-01 - Last Post Before Election Day

Tomorrow is a big day for Cincinnati. There is a good chance that Cincinnati will turn around tomorrow. We could have a Democratic County Commission, a Democratic Congressman, a Democratic Governor and Senator, and of course, a Democratic mayor and council.

If that happens tomorrow - Strickland, Brown, Pepper, and Cranley win - a new era will begin in Cincinnati. It won't be like it used to under Democratic rule; it will be different. The city will grow, both in people and business, and life will get better.

The Bengals will go to the playoffs, Ken Griffey Jr. will hit 50 home runs, the banks project will speed along, and Bearcats will advance to the sweet sixteen of the NCAA tournament. Don't believe me? Look at historical trends.

Regarding our Congressional seat, John Cranley is the only candidate that will bring noticeable change to the city. Heck, Steve Chabot is proud that he hasn't helped us out - and that's just ridiculous. But not only will Cranley fight for better housing, economic policies, reduced crime, safer streets, and a more beautiful downtown, he will finally be someone to represent the interests of our city to Congress.

Cranley is with us regarding the war in Iraq. He's with us on gas prices. He knows how we feel about middle class taxes, and piss-poor job growth. He knows that building a fence along the border will only encourage Mexicans to pack a rope on their trip to America, and he knows that so many educational and social welfare programs are mis-administered and greatly underfunded.

Labor unions back Cranley, community leaders back Cranley, John Glenn, Wes Clark, Bill Clinton, David Mann, Charlie Luken, Roxanne Qualls, David Pepper, Alicia Reece, Todd Portune, John Conyers, Richard Clark, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Tim Ryan, Sherrod Brown, Ted Strickland, and Bono, yes Bono, back Cranley.

Tomorrow on election day, go to the polls and back Cranley. Take off work, volunteer for the campaign, and back Cranley. Call your family and friends, co-workers and neighbors, drag them to the polls, because this is the only chance we have to back Cranley, and actually, to back our own city.

For the sake of the men and women of the first district that have died in a mis-guided war that Chabot has blindly and unconditionally supported, back Cincinnati tomorrow.

Vote Cranley, and you won't regret it.


At 9:18 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell yeah I have already scheduled off work for tomorrow to canvass! John Cranley is a great guy and we will be proud to have him as our Congressman! Get out the vote!

At 12:11 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL - Is this the desperate Pollyanna post? OH-1 will go to Chabot; the majority of Cincinnati is not stupid enough to elect someone like Cranley to Congress. And, if by some strange twist of fate, Cranley wins - I'd love to see even half of your predictions to come true, and furthermore I'd love to see at least a forth of Cranley's pledges and promises come true. Chabot is one of the most sincere public officials I have met, and that is why time and time again he pulls it out and wins another term in Congress. Tomorrow will be no different, it will be close but Chabot will win! Join the winning team, Vote for Chabot!!!


At 3:17 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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