Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chabot's Next Contender

What Democrat has the balls to challenge Congressman Steve Chabot in 2008? Let's get this discussion started early so that we can field the best candidate that can run the best campaign. The district is winnable with the right strategy.

Add your ideas for candidates and your thoughts by commenting.

What about:

John Cranley (probably not)
Mark Mallory (not yet)
Charlie Luken (probably not)
Greg Harris (don't think he can win)
Todd Portune (hmmmm)
Bootsy Collins (please no)
Charlie Sanders (not funny)
Paul Hackett (you never know)
David Pepper (not yet)
Ken Blackwell (as a independent, or as a Republican challenger in a primary... very unlikely)
James Tarbell (he's too close to retirement)
Laketa Cole
David Crowley
Steve Driehaus (interesting...)
Eric H. Kearney
Catherine L. Barrett
Tyrone Yates (a possibility)
Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco in Zero Ocho)
Nick Lachey


At 1:56 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

driehaus will i think. he wanted a state director job, didn't get it. he wants to move on to something different. driehaus will challenge chabot on his on turf i predict.

At 1:26 PM EST, Blogger WestEnder said...

Normally I would chuckle at the Bootsy idea but when you're talking about Chabot even an old shoe seems like a better alternative.

Besides, I'd rather have someone funk up the country than... well, you know.

At 12:00 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...


i think yates is a good idea, if anyone on the west side knows anything about him

whats up with redistricting the first district?

At 3:54 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Democrat-controlled Congress performs well, and if Bush's Iraq policy continues to worsen, and if Chabot continues to do nothing in Congres..... I think Cranley still has a shot.

Though i think it is important to mention that Cranley got less percentage of the vote in 2006 THAN HE DID IN 2000!

In other words, a kid out of college with no campaign cash could have come closer to beating Chabot than Cranley.

Yeah Cranley may have a shot, but he is in no place for as long as Chabot retains his office, to significantly beat him in a head to head election.

Hamilton County Democrats need to start grooming either a superstar candidate to defeat Chabot or someone else from the West side, like Driehaus.

Or Bootsy Collins...

- Steve in Clifton

At 10:40 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um Steve, Cranley got 44% in 2000 and 47% in 2006.

At 9:20 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Facts:

Cranley -- 48%
Chabot -- 52%

Cranley -- 45%
Chabot -- 53%
Groshoff -- 2%

At 12:26 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok look at it that way, how about look at it like this:

In 2000 Cranley had a weak campaign and somehow held Chabot to 53%.

In 2006, he had a strong campaign, publicity, and experience, and only held Chabot to 52%.

This means he cut in on Chabot's support by 1%.

This is not convincing that Cranley even knew what he was doing.

I think if Bo Diaz ran for Congress he would have done as well as Cranley or better.

At 9:53 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohio 1 in 2000 is a very different district than in 2006. It was re-drawn by Chabot's State ReThuglican's and he was given thousands of more Republicans -- in Butler County and Harrison.

The fact that Chabot only had 52% of the vote in 2006 when he had 65% in 2002 and 60% in 2004 shows that he is on his way out.

Cranley would clearly defeat Chabot in a Presidential election year. Driehaus could too.

Then Chabot can live off the fat millions in his stock portfolio.

At 1:26 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think some people are forgetting that Driehaus an anti choice democrat will have to get through a primary that will have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama bringing tons of pro-choice canidates to the polls! He or Cranely may not get past the primary if there is a pro choice canidate.


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