Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I told you so... Driehaus is in!

Cincinnati, we finally have hope. One of the two people that I envision beating Chabot in the general election has decided to run...

The Battle of the Steves?

Rep. Steve Chabot won a seventh term in the U.S. House last fall by fending off a well-financed challenged from Democrat John Cranley, but the Westwood Republican may not be out of the woods yet.

Next year, if he decides to seek an eighth term, Chabot is likely to face a Democratic challenger whose family is well known in the GOP enclaves of Cincinnati's west side suburbs and who has made a career of winning elections in a Republican-leaning Ohio House district - State Rep. Steve Driehaus.

The Price Hill Democrat has already had discussions with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) about taking on Chabot in 2008; and will be in a perfect position to do it - his eight years in the Ohio House under Ohio's term limits law will be ending and Driehaus will have to move on.

Tuesday, he sounded like a candidate.

"By next year, Steve Chabot, with all due respect, will have been there 14 years and people are going to start looking at whether or not it is time for something new,'' Driehaus said.

Driehaus, the minority whip of the Ohio House, said that term limits forces him to "look at other options'' and running for Congress, he said, "ranks right up there at the top of the list."

Last year, Chabot won re-election by about 9,000 votes out of about 202,000 cast in the 1st District, which includes most of the western half of Hamilton County, a small area of Butler County, and most of the city of Cincinnati.

The district is considered to have a 50-50 split between Republican and Democrat voters, based in part on the nearly flat-footed tie between George W. Bush and John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election.


At 2:05 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope yates gets in the primary. Yates is progressive and dynamic. Driehaus is "Cranley lite" (against reproductive rights, silent on the occupation of Iraq, etc.) If Driehaus is the nominee we'll end up with the same results as '06.

At 11:57 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 1:05am = chaBOT

At 3:42 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Cranley-Chabot race of 2006 took place in 2008, it is highly likely that Cranley would win because of the consistently higher turnout of Democrats in Presidential election years. Chabot only won with 52% of the vote, whereas he had been winning with 60% and 65% since the district was re-drawn.

If Cranley chooses not to run, and Driehaus is the only candidate, maybe Driehaus could win. The best bet is still on Cranley for a Democratic victory.

Thanks for keeping up with Ohio 1.

Alex, have you heard the talk of a Republican primary? Some insider Republicans are pretty upset that Chabot lied about Section 8 and continues to ignore his responsibility for all the vouchers on the westside.

At 7:15 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. John Cranley should have beat Chabot in 2006, just as Mary Jo Kilroy should have beat Pryce in 2006. Cranley raised so much money, way more than he needed to win. He got the endorsement of the Enquirer and drew in huge names. Why he didn't win, well, I don't think anyone knows. Redistricting is a big reason he didn't win the the western part of the district. That area is outside of Cincinnati and outside of Cranley's first 2000 run.

2. While Cranley should have run in 2006, he definitely could still win in 2008. A guy named Ted Strickland ran for Congress three times before finally winning in SE Ohio. His opponent was a long time Republican incumbent whose career in politics was coming to an end.

OH-06 years ago and OH-01 now have a lot in common. Cranley now has name recognition, support of tons of community leaders, an experienced campaign staff, and I think he really learned in 2006 how to lose. He went on the offensive running negative ads on Chabot without running positive ads about himself. Yeah, Chabot sucks, Bush sucks, but what about Cincinnati?

3. Cincinnati is ripe for a new candidate, whether it is a new Republican (Tom Brinkman is term-limited) or a new or old Democrat (Cranley, Greg Harris, Driehaus, Yates.)

4. I don't think Yates could win. He should win, he would be a good Congressman, but I don't think he can do ANY better than Cranley.

5. Ken Blackwell?

6. Steve Driehaus would be an awesome candidate, but I have no reason to believe he would be any better than Cranley.

7. Todd Portune?

8. Why hasn't Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Nuxall, Anthony Munoz, or any other Nati icon gotten into politics. Granted, they are probably all Republican.

9. Somebody good better put up a competitive campaign, so long as their last name doesn't rhyme with rabbit.

At 8:13 AM EDT, Blogger ohdave said...

Pete Rose? Are you serious?

As for the others, you're right: definitely Republicans. That may be their only hope at this point.

At 5:17 PM EDT, Anonymous JollyRoger said...

The District was still under Blackwell electioneering in 2006.

The fact that it no longer is may have more to do with who wins in 2008 than any other single factor.

At 4:36 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 4:36 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:49 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just curious, does this worry the voters in ohio?



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At 8:10 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your pro-choice the only choice is Eric Wilson. Eric is a Democratic write-in candidate. As the only African-American candidate in a largely African-American district, our support should be, and for many of us, is with Eric Wilson.


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